•We provide an institutional level offering, served within a boutique and entrepreneurial environment.

•Flexible Structure Servicing Private Investors, HNW Families, Single and Multi Family Offices, Advisors and Banks.

•Agnostic Platform with the Industry’s Strongest Partners.

•Customized Services.

•Senior team (C-Suite, Board Members) with more than 80 years combined experience.

•Extensive experience and knowledge of Private Investments, Family Office, Family Business, Wealth Management,Family and Corporate Governance and Private Equity.

•Client Alignment.

•Worldwide Network with Family Offices and Business Schools.

•Family Office Services Expertise.

•High Standards of Corporate Governance.

•International Experience.

Solutions for Private Investors and Institutional Clients

Our Approach


We Believe in an Institutional-Class Practice


Leading institutional investors including some of the most prominent Families, Private Investors and Institutions have historically attained substantially better long-run, risk-adjusted returns than the average retail investor. In our view, institutional investors have been early adopters of the best academic and industry practices. BlackStreet Management seeks to implement ideas, research, and analytical techniques used by institutional investors. Our goal is to bring these practices to a select handful of clients and deliver them in highly customized solutions.




The hallmark of our approach is the construction of individually customized portfolios in a total balance sheet context when appropriate and feasible. To do this, we prefer to employ a review of each family’s total balance sheet (generally liquid and illiquid) and their corresponding risks, cashflows, liquidity needs and other considerations. This and other information is then used to build a unique portfolio around each client’s individual goals and constraints.

Services and Coordination


Our platform allows our clients to choose what they view as the appropriate solution for them:


• Wealth Solutions

• Private Investments

• Capital Raising and Structuring

• Customized Investments Solutions

• Family Offices Services

• Board Services

• Interim Management of Singles Family Offices

• Mentoring and Counseling

• Wealth Planning Coordination

• Philanthropic Strategic Planning

• Advisors Coordination

• Risk Management

• Due Diligence

• UHNW Solutions

• Consolidated Financial Reporting

• Cash Flow Management

• Family Foundation Management

• Family Governance

• Wealth Education

• Family Meeting Facilitation

• Philanthropic Strategic Planning

• Art Management